10 Reasons Why (POS) Point of Sales Software is Better than a Cash Register

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Wondering whether or not to replace your cash register with a modern POS system or Point of Sales software? Here are 10 reasons why you should do it!

A couple of years ago, the cash registers were the only option in town, however, today, the businesses (retail businesses, cafes, restaurants, bars, and etc) have more choices.

Replacing your cash register with a modern and easy-to-use POS system of Point of Sales software has lots of great benefits.

We are going to present you 10 reasons why you should replace your cash register with a Point of Sale system:

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1. POS software systems simplify the accounting process. The traditional cash registers demand accountants to sort and organize hundreds of receipts. With the Point of Sale system the financial team or the accountant in your business company, restaurant or shop can use the built-in reports and easily create their own.

2. The POS system, unlike the traditional cash register, includes an overall inventory management system. The store owners can utilize a POS system to track their sellers, organize and reorder the products when the stock goes below the minimum, and much more.

3. With a Point of Sales software system, it is super easy to look up and go through all past transactions. For example, if you need to know how much you have sold last Friday, the POS system can give you the information in a matter of seconds. With the cash register, it would take a few hours or work to find that information.

4. You can use a POS system to create all of your purchase orders which eliminates an extra step and time in the order process. If you want, you can automate the process and make sure you never run out of your most popular items.

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5. Today’s modern workers are usually comfortable with POS devices when compared to the complicated and old-fashioned cash registers. The generation today entering the workforce doesn’t really know a time without computers and because of that, they are pretty comfortable with digital or computerized technology such as the POS devices.

6. The POS devices provide more effective and faster service when compared to the slow and old-fashioned cash registers. From authorizing a credit card transaction to ordering or printing a customer receipt, every part of the process is absolutely simplified. The POS devices are faster than cash registers.

7. All customers receive descriptive itemized receipts with POS devices. A lot of cash registers can print the date, as well as, the amount of the sale but the POS systems are tied into the whole inventory management system and they can provide the customer with more detailed information such as the list price, the sale price, and etc.

8. The Point of Sales software systems can decrease user errors. During a sale, hitting the wrong key or entering the wrong number is a disaster. The POS systems have built-in checks to make sure that all information entered is correct.

9. You can control and see real-time information with all POS devices which is something that old cash registers can’t do. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of businesses, stores, and restaurants that have found that implementing and using a POS system eliminates the need for an expensive hand count.

10. The repair, as well as, the maintenance costs are usually lower on POS devices than on cash registers. The number of experienced companies or individuals that repair cash registers is decreasing which means that costs can be really high. There are many qualified vendors who repair POS devices and the price is low.

So, are you ready to make the switch?

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